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I think Americans need a new way of thinking about health. See where our current thoughts on this topic have taken us. We are one of the top 17 countries in the world for the most important measures of health.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. We are living below our life expectancy. It has the highest incidence of obesity, infant mortality, low birth weight, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, homicide, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. .
“Americans are getting sicker, dying faster, and hurting more than people of any national income,” said the director of the NIH-funded Institute of Medicine. (Here’s a quote from that report.)

Then he added, “We’re all amazed at the negative thinking, the decline of children into adults. For both men and women. If we don’t, the expectation of life will be shorter and children will be less sick than children in other countries.
Two ways to think about your health
I think Americans care about their health. Health is only achieved and controlled through kindness. These activities require preparation and discipleship. Examples include regular exercise, stamina, healthy eating, and a healthy, positive attitude as

The level of health you will enjoy depends on your lifestyle. Your health depends on how you invest in your health. With little or no investment, your health depends on the weather, genetics, the aging process and the quality of care you receive.
On the other hand, if you invest, seek, protect and defend your health, the state of your health will change better and better.

Therefore, we must know the difference between these two health. One is passive and the other is active.
The report by the Institute of Health, which ranks last in the United States, points to poor performance in the United States. If we could isolate a small fraction of the American population that uses health information and compile and compare health data, I’m sure we’d be number one. For this reason, we ask that health be seen in two different ways. It is also how most people view and process health and well-being across health differences. The latter is what you get when you invest well in your own health.
This is the way of life I call health.
Health now perceived
The WHO definition of health is inaccurate (no one includes even the most devout wellites). People who love “all body, mind and health”, at least not every day. Most people think of health negatively. Most people think they’re fine if they’re not sick. It’s diligence. It looks like you don’t need treatment right away. Generally, this is a “fairly good” view of health.

To think so is a self-fulfilling prophecy. This means that being unhealthy is the best thing you could wish for. It is a static concept of health and needs to be reformed, at least with another example for Americans who want to do their jobs. She should be healthy.
I think it takes a health plan to warn people about what’s important: a bad situation can be bad, necessary, prevented or rewarded depending on the state of the diet. We all need to know that health is the same, where to start living and not doing special things to improve health can and should be improved and promoted.

Using terms such as health can alert people to the fact that health can be more than just disease. The moment you become healthy can be a sign that better health is possible. You can warn everyone that optimal health is more than a state of silence. Health is a dynamic state. If you try it will get better, if you ignore it it will get worse.
Better health is better health. Health is more rewarding than current disease-free health standards and adapts to real health and lifestyle.
Static/accumulated state continuum
This link follows the link with “Early Death” on the left of the link, and is another way to introduce Dr. John Travis’ graphic design and simple lines and the ongoing adaptation of “Changing the Level of Health” . However, very fair. A “0” in the mean is a neutral point that may not just be a disease.

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